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2045 N. Dixie Hwy.
Pompano Beach, FL 33060

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Come dive with Fill Express! We will help you with Dive Training, Tank Fills, Specialized Technical Diving Gear, and Dive Travel.

Fill Express will take divers from Discover Scuba classes all the way to Instructor training. We also have a full lineup of Technical Diving classes. Need to renew your Emergency First Responder certification (Renew Every Two)? We can help, whether you are a diver or not!

In keeping with our interest in Technical Diving, We have a wide variety of breathing gasses available. We can fill Air, Nitrox of varying percentages, and Trimix. Have a half tank left? We will only charge you for what we add! Come by to see our fill station! We take great pride in the quality of the gas that we put in your tanks! The quality is very closely monitored for Carbon Dioxide and other impurities.

We have a shop full of specialized gear for Technical Diving. Looking for a hard to find piece of dive equipment? Ask us. We can help.

Travel can be tough for Technical Divers. Travel with us to make diving safe by diving with other Technical Divers. We take regular trips to the Florida Keys and out of the country as well.

Call 954-786-0661 today to get started!



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