Miami, Florida

Airports: Miami is accessible by flying into either Miami International Airport (MIA), Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL, 20 Min North), PBI (Palm Beach International Airport (PBI, 1 hr North), or Orlando International Airport (MCO is 4 hours Northwest).

Currency: Miami is part of the United States, and therefore uses the US Dollar.

Climate: Miami enjoys year round warm weather with average winter highs in the mid 70s, and average lows in the mid 60s. The normal water temperatures are from the mid 80s to the mid 70s. The coldest months will average in the low 70s.

Language: English is the official language of the United States.

Dive Landscape:  Miami has a great selection of wrecks!

Almirante:  Almirante is a 200 foot freighter that was sunk off of Elliot Key as part of an artificial reef program.  With a depth of 100-135 ft, the dive is accessible to recreational divers.

Arida:  The Arida is a 165 ft ship sunk in 1982 in 88 ft of water.  The ship was a landing craft used during the Vietnam war.  The wreck has largely collapsed on itself over the years.

Belcher Barge:  Sunk in approx. 60 ft of water 5 miles off shore.  At 195, the barge sits upside down.  Divers can penetrate the wreck through the holes cut in its hull.

Belzona Barge:  A popular Miami dive, the Belzona Barge was sunk in August 1991.  The 115 ft steel hull barge flipped when sinking.  The bottom has since been covered with coral.

Benwood:  The Benwood lies in 45 ft of water at its deepest.  The Benwood was 360 ft long and used as a Merchant Marine Fighter.  It is now in the National Marine Sanctuary.  The ship ran into the USS Tuttle in 1942 and sunk.  It has since been determined to be a navigation hazard and used for target practice.

Biscayne Freighter: Lat: 25 42.263  Lon: 80 05.203:  4.5 Miles East of Key Biscayne this 120 ft freighter was used to transport Bananas from the Caribbean.  It was sunk by fishermen as an artificial reef to fish on.  The shallow depth makes it ideal for beginner wreck divers and photographers.

Blue Fire:  Lat: 25 42.263 Lon: 80 05.203:  Sunk in 1983, in 110 ft of water, this freighter was 175 ft.  The wreck was part of the fleet used by fleeing Cubans and seized by the US Coast Guard.

C-One: Lat: 25 54.551  Lon: 80 05.405: A 120 ft steel tug boat, the C-One was sunk in 1990 in 68 ft of water.  The wreck has an abundance of fish.

Deep Freeze:  Lat: 25 49.300 Lon: 80 04.954:  A 210 Ft Freighter, the Deep Freeze was sunk in 1976 in 135 Ft of water.  This advanced dive is great for spearfishing.  The wreck has a large amount of fishing line due to the popularity among fishermen.  Bring a cutting tool!

DEMA Trader: Lat: 25.703633 Lon: -080.086917: At 165 ft, this freighter was sunk in 80 ft of water in 2003.  The ship was seized by US Customs as a drug smuggling vessel.  The ship was sunk as part of the artificial reef program.  Large holes were cut in the hull to allow divers to penetrate the wreck.

Half Moon Preserve:  Lat: 25 22.068 Lon: 80 07.863:  This 154 Ft Steel hulled sailing yacht was sunk in 1930 during a storm and currently sits in shallow water, making it a Novice dive and snorkel opportunity.  The ship was a floating saloon during prohibition.

Jose Cuervo Bar: Lat: 25 46.132 Lon: 80 07.692:  The Jose Cuervo Bar was sunk just off of South Beach during the Cinco de Mayo festival in 2000.

La Conception:  A 150 Ft Honduran Freighter, the La Conception was sunk in 1991 in 71 Ft of water.  She used to carry various dry goods between Miami and Haiti.  With engine trouble, she drifted onto the beach and was subsequently sunk as part of the artificial reef project.

Mathew Lawrence Barge:  At 110 Ft the barge was sunk in 1195 in 110 Ft of water.  This is a good site for deep and wreck specialty courses.

Miss Karline:  At 85 Ft of Steel Hull, the Miss Karline was sunk in 1989 in 51 Ft of water.    The wreck has great coral growth and abundant fish life.  The relatively shallow depth makes it great for training and photography dives.

Neptune Memorial Reef:  Roughly 3 miles East of key Biscayne in 40 Ft of water, the Neptune Memorial Reef is a recreation of the lost city of Atlantis.  The project has concrete statues, columns, domes, and arches.  The site is billed as an underwater theme park.

Orion:  At 118 Ft, Orion was a Navy Tug used in the Panama Canal project.  She was sunk in 1981 in 125 Ft of Water.  The wreck has shifted to a depth of 95 Ft.  Hurricane Andrew tore the wreck into pieces, with the Pilot House now sitting in the sand.  This wreck frequently has high current.

Patricia:  At 65 Ft, The Patricia was sunk in 53 Ft of water in June 1990.    She was a steel tug that is ideal for wreck training and photography.  There are numerous other wrecks in the same vicinity.

Princess Britney:  She was a 165 Ft Freighter, sunk in 2003 in 90 Ft of water.  She was seized by US Customs in 2002 during operation River Walk with $1.3 Million in Cocaine hidden inside.  

Proteus:  At 220 Ft, The Proteus was sunk in 1985 in  72 Ft of Water.  Formerly a ferry boat in the Great Lakes, she then carried supplies in the Caribbean.  The wreck was broken into pieces by Andrew and is now home to abundant sea life.

Rio Miami:  At 105 Ft, the Rio was sunk in 1989, as part of a 20/20 episode, in 72 Ft of water.  Hugh Downs donated the tug and dove on it shortly after its sinking.  The wreck in upright, intact, and easily penetrated.

Sheri-Lynn: This 225 Ft Freighter was sunk in 90 Ft of water as part of the artificial reef program.  Andrew broke her into pieces and spread the wreck over a wide area.

South Seas:  At 175 Ft, The South Seas was a luxury Yacht built for the Guggenheim family.  It is an exact replica of Adolph Hitler’s private yacht.  She was sunk in 1983 as part of the artificial reef program.  The wreck has since been  widely scattered.

Spirit of Miami:  This 727 was sunk in 1993 by DERM (Department of Environmental Management) as part of the artificial reef program.  The plane now sits in 110 Ft of water.

Tacoma:  This 165 Ft Steel freighter was sunk in 2002 in 120 Ft of water.  It is a wreck that caters to Advanced skill levels due to the depth.  It is a good wreck for large fish.

Tanks:  Two M60 Army tanks were sunk in 1994 as part of the artificial reef program.  They sit in 40 Ft of water and cater to all skill levels.

Tortuga:  This 165 Ft steel ship was sunk in 1995 as part of the filming of the movie “Fair Game” in 110Ft of water.  It has large openings that make it good for penetration.

Ultra Freeze:  At 195 Ft, this steel hulled freighter was sunk in 1984 by the South Florida Spearfishing Council in 135 Ft of Water.  The wreck still has 45 Ft of superstructure attached.

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