Airports:  (Airport Code ACA):  General Juan N. Álvarez International Airport, also known as Acapulco International Airport, is an aviation facility located 26 km (16 miles) from Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico.

Currency:  The Peso is the official currency of Mexico, although the US Dollar and other major currencies are widely accepted as well.

Climate: The daytime temps are in the 80s and night temps are in the 70s year round. 

Water Temperature:  Normal ocean temps are in the 80s, but winter temps (February-April) can have thermoclines that get into the 60s.

 Language:  Spanish is the official language of Mexico, but English is widely spoken in the tourist areas.

Signature Dive Sites:   

El Bajo:  El Bajo is a huge rock formation in front of the famous cliff divers in “La Quebrada” and can go down to 50 m / 150 ft. Depending on the visibility and the current you’ll find a huge school of fish, huge green morays, boxfish, octopus, ballonfish and sometimes when it’s season, humpack whales and whalesharks. There’s sometimes a strong current.

Siete Pulpos:  The entry is on the other side of “Rafael Nadals” house forward to “Casa del Arabe” when the visibilty is good you can see some nice canyons and rock formations with a huge kind of different fish.

Casa del Arabe:  Have a look at the Villa of the famous Tennis Player “Rafael Nadal” and dive in on the sandy bottom and rock formation. This dive site can be used as a kind of a drift dive in the direction of Boca Chica. It’s perfect for beginners and certified divers and also is good for snorkeling.

El Canal:  You are diving in the Channel near the Island Roqueta with a huge bench of different fish. Depending on the season the current can be strong and is considered a drift dive. Just relax and enjoy the rock formations.  Depths 30-60 Ft.

Los Suizos:  Depending on the conditions it can be a slow drift dive heading east to Boca Chica with a passing through and different rock formations. Nudibranches, Scorpionfish, Eagle Ray’s, Stingrays, School of different fish, Turtles, Octopus and much more can be sighting on this dive.  Depths to 50 Ft.

Palmititas:  The little sister of the diving spot “Palmitas” is just perfect also for beginner  divers, snorkeling and certified divers. In some parts you can find pieces of a sunken sailing ship.  Depths to 45 Ft.

El Rincon:  El Rincon is a exciting place with different artificial reefs, like underwater baskets and a 20 m / 60 ft tunnel where a bunch of fish find a new home. Very nice for Beginners, Snorkeling and also Advanced Divers.

El Jardin:  Beautiful Dive Garden with a huge kind of different fishes, like different type of Ballonfish, Scorpionfish, Stingrays, Boxfish, Murays, Starfish, Turtles, Barberfish, Sargent Major fish, Blenny’s, Surgeonfish and Eagle Ray’s.  Depths to 45 Ft.

La Cagada:  One of the best Dive spots. Diving around the rocks to shallow water like “El Jardin” or further depending on the air consumption. This dive site is strongly recommended for diver with experience. Surface and underwater current can be expected during the dive. Different kind of School fishes and sometimes during the season (Nov – Dec) from 15 – 200 Eagle Ray’s can be sighted.  Depths to 120 Ft.

Las Cuevas:  Interesting rock formation with swim throughs and different types of fish. Only for Advanced Certified Divers with experience in drift and current dives.  Depths to 120 Ft.

Bufadero:  From time to time we are diving outside the Island when the conditions allow this. “Bufadero” is a beautiful dive location with huge rocks and different kind of fishes. The current can be very strong sometimes (vertical current). This dive site is only for Advanced Certified divers with experience in drift and current dives.  Depths to 120 Ft.

Marina/Labyrinth:  This dive site is only accessable during the calm season from about October – May and has some mystics and great canyons. You get easy lost if you don’t stick with your guide. Part of the dive site is accessible only for certified divers.

Hawaii:  This dive site is available only when the conditions are acceptable and is only for advanced divers. Hawaii is a huge rock in the open sea and has his own secret. Strong current can be expected.

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