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Airport:  Pointe a Pitre Airport (PTP)  has convenient schedules for flights with convenient routes and competitive pricing to Pointe a Pitre International Airport (PTP) / Guadeloupe Airport in Caribbean. In French, the airport is known as Aeroport Guadeloupe Pole Caraibes and has in the past been called Le Raizet International. Pointe a Pitre Airport is located in the vicinity of Pointe-a-Pitre, Grande Terre Island, Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean. PTP airport (Guadeloupe Airport).

Currency:  As an official overseas territory of France, Guadeloupe uses the currency of much of Europe, the euro (€).  Select establishments in Guadeloupe may accept United States dollars, although this will not be the rule.

Climate:  Vacationers can expect beautiful tropical weather in Guadeloupe almost all year long. Average monthly temperatures on the islands are generally stable throughout the year, varying only by about 5 degrees Fahrenheit each month. While travelers should be prepared to enjoy a tropical paradise on these gorgeous islands, they should also be aware that unexpected weather conditions can occur.

Average temperatures on Guadeloupe hover around 74 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months and 87 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. Temperatures can drop to between 66 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit after the sun goes down and will vary among different regions. On the coastal regions of various islands, the air temperature lingers between 72 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit through the year. Further inland, the temperatures are somewhat cooler at about 66 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water Temperature:  Anse A La Barque sea water temperatures peak in the range 28 to 30°C (82 to 86°F) on around the 2nd of September and are at their minimum on about the 15th of February, in the range 26 to 27°C (79 to 81°F). Language:  French is the official language but islanders often use the local Créole among themselves. English is typically spoken only in the larger hotels and tourist areas. Attempts to speak le français are usually appreciated on all the French islands and mini-phrase books or dictionaries may prove invaluable. Bookstores often carry simple cassette learning tapes that can assist in the proper pronunciation of a few basic phrases.

English-speaking travelers may be a little frustrated when they first arrive on the island. Many of Guadeloupe’s natives expect everyone to be able to communicate in French. When it is spoken, English is heard mostly in the major tourist centers, and rarely in the countryside.

Signature Dive Sites: 


-          Augustin Fresnel II:   With a depth of 15-35 Meters is ok for all levels.  It is 53 meters long with interesting external structure.

-          Franjack:  This wreck is in 23 meters of water and is close to shore.  This wreck is ok for all levels.  See lots of Baracuda!

-          Gustavia:  The Gustavia has a depth of 40 meters.  At 48 Meters long, there is a lot to look at.  The wreck has significant growth.

Cousteau Reserve:

-          Anticyclonic Buoy:  This site has a depth of 20 Meters.  There is a healthy level of sea life and sponges.  This is a nice site that is sheltered from bad weather conditions.

-          Aquarium:  On the North side with depths of up to 25 Meters.   This site has great sea life.

-          Barracuda Point:  Up to 60 Meters with great sea life including, of course, Baracuda.

-          Coral Garden:  Great site for beginners at only 10 Meters.  Good photo ops.

-          Hot Springs:  At various depths (up to 40 meters) there are hot springs that spill water that is super heated by lava near the ocean floor.

-          Pointe CarrangueUp to 25 Meters with great life!

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