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Airport:  (Airport Code: IATA) Hato International Airport or Curaçao International Airport is the airport of Willemstad, Curaçao. It has services to the Caribbean region, South America, North America and Europe. Hato Airport is a fairly large facility, with the third longest commercial runway in the Caribbean region

Currency:  Curacao currency is the Netherlands Antillean guilder (also called the florin), which is abbreviated as Nafl. Our Ang. U.S. dollars circulate freely, so it is possible to get by using only American dollars or credit cards. Please note that vendors can rarely supply Curacao money in U.S. currency. The U.S. dollar is at a stable rate.

US$ 1 = Nafl. 1.77—cash
US$ 1 = Nafl. 1.78—traveler’s check

Exchange rates may vary slightly at stores and hotels. You can find daily exchange rate information at one of our local banks.

Euros are accepted at some hotels and restaurants, but unlike U.S. dollars, they do not circulate freely. Exchange rates for other currencies are posted at banks and listed in the daily papers.

Major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere on the island.

Climate: Curaçao has the same climate year-round. The island is outside the hurricane belt. The average temperature is between 82° and 90°F.

Water Temperature:  The water temperature is between 77° and 82°F throughout the year.

Language:  The primary language of Curacao is Dutch, but English is widely spoken.

Signature Dive Sites: 

Beacon Point:  Currents make this site and intermediate to advanced dive.
Largest pillar coral formation in the Caribbean at this dive.  In the blue large jacks, grouper, and barracuda chasing after lunch.

Klein Curacao:  A very special trip for divers only.  They say that in Klein Curacao underwater everything is bigger and there is more of it.  A true Caribbean dive location, pristine, unspoiled, and fun.   This is the second dive on our Adventure Diving Trip to Klein Curacao and East Point.

Cornelius Bay:  Elkhorn Coral can be spotted during this dive on the plateau.
Sea horses are found around the many gorgonians along the wall.

Mushroom Forest:  One of the most famous dive sites in Curacao.  Over time hard coral formations have grown in such a way that they resemble mushrooms, hence the name. Underneath each one of these coral formations an abundance of marine life awaits to be looked at, admired, and photographed.  A Special Boat Dive Trip, which includes a light lunch and refreshments.  Don’t miss it! You will love it!  During surface interval, traditionally we stop to snorkel inside the cavern called the Blue Room.

The Superior Producer:  Sport Diver Magazine rates the Superior Producer as one of the Caribbean’s best wreck dives. This cargo freighter sunk in December of 1977 and is now sitting upright at a depth of 100ft/30m. The wreck is covered with corals, orange cup sponges, and is surrounded by watchful great barracudas. An advanced dive site for experienced divers.  The Superior Producer is available for diving only during cruise ship off-season.

Newport:  This beautiful and pristine Curacao dive site is only accessed by Ocean Encounters.  A beautiful slope with great star coral, brain coral, and soft gorgonians. Eagle rays and turtles are spotted frequently.

Smokeys:  How to describe this wonderful Curacao dive?  It is pristine with large dense corals, great visibility and simply beautiful. A 20 to 30 minute boat ride from our dive shop to enjoy this seldom visited dive site.  Sharks and stingrays are often seen at this pristine dive site.

Blue Bay Gardens:  A true underwater garden. Box crabs in the sand, octopus, and baby clusters of brain and star corals.  On the slope gorgonians, large brain and star corals.  Lots of cleaning stations. Southern Rays and Eagle Rays are regular visitors to this fabulous dive site.  Suited for diving and snorkelling.

Snake Bay:  If you want to be in the middle of a fish traffic jam, this is the dive site for you.  Huge Jacks chasing bait balls, Caribbean Chromies, Creole Wrasses, Southern Rays, and Turtles. Wild dolphins can be seen here as well.

East Point:  A pristine and unspoiled reef at the very East of Curacao. Only to be reached by boat trip, this site is part of our Special Boat Trip to Klein Curacao. Lush gorgonians cover the site together with hard corals and sponges. A large school of Tarpon inhabits the Underwater Bridge, a natural bridge formed by coral formations throughout time.  Sharks, Eagle Rays, large Barracuda, and Turtles have been spotted at this wonderful Curacao diving location.

Barracuda Point:  A favorite Curacao dive, covered in dense coral formations, gorgonians and boulder corals.  Turtles are spotted often on this dive site, as well as jacks and barracudas.

Small Wall:  The name says it all, it is a wall and it is small.  Overhangs and little nooks house schools of soldier fish, grunts, and damsels protecting their gardens and eggs. Lush gorgonians and sea fans wave in the soft current.

Director’s Bay:  Perfectly suited for divers and snorkelers.  This dive site landmark is an old decaying shark fence now covered in corals and sponges. Home to most amazing underwater creatures, sea horses, frogfish, eels, flounders.  A large octopus calls the rubble his home as well.  Great dive for macro photography.

Lost Anchor:  A favorite Curacao Dive Site, bright and colorful.  Beautiful lush wall covered in gorgonians and sea fans.  Dense coral growth hides an anchor chain that keeps on going forever. The dive finishes on a shallow where sea horses like to hang out.  Great dive for macro photography.

Jan Thiel:  A typical Curacao diving spot starting at a sandy plateau going down on a sloping reef.  The best treat at the end of the dive will be the curious school of squid looking directly into your eyes.

Sandy’s Plateau:  Gorgonians and hard corals, and everything in between.
An excellent dive site to spot lobsters under the overhangs and crabs hiding in the large barrel sponges.

Rolling Stone or Hole 17 and Hole 5:  Next to Hole 17 and 5 at Blue Bay Golf Course These are 2 fun dive sites to search and collect golf balls during your safety stop.  Beautiful Caribbean Reef formations cover the gentle slope. You finish your dive on a nice and easy sandy plateau populated by schools of large and curious squid.

The Corner:  Lush, full of life, gorgonians gently swaying in the current…
This healthy reef is packed with sea life.  Racing jacks and barracuda with intense eyes will accompany you throughout your dive. Blue Creole Wrasses swarm towards their daily afternoon mating meetings.

Divers Leap:  At this dive site you may have the possibility to do a great drift dive, flying while enjoying the reef scene in front of you.

Tugboat:  This famous tugboat wrecked just a few yards offshore in a protected bay.
Perfect site for divers as well as snorkelers. Overgrown with tube sponges, coral, and home to a variety of colorful reef fish. Majestic blue Parrot Fish and Yellow Tail Snappers guard the dive site.

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