Cuba Dive Map

Airport:  José Martí International Airport (IATA: HAV, ICAO: MUHA): is an international airport serving Havana, Cuba. The airport is situated 9 miles (15km) southwest of downtown Havana. The airport is operated by ECASA (Empresa Cubana de Aeropuertos y Servicios Aeronauticos S.A.). José Martí airport handles flights from over 25 international airlines serving more than 60 worldwide destinations, mainly in Europe, North, Central and South America and over 3 national airlines serving 16 domestic destinations.

Ignacio Agramonte International Airport (IATA: CMW, ICAO: MUCM): is an international airport in the central province of Camaguey, Cuba. It serves the cities of Camaguey and Santa Lucia.The airport is situated in Avenida Finlay KM 8, Camagüey.Airport Data: International, Camagüey 10km (6miles), Position 21°25´11″N, 077°50´50″W, Operating hours 1200-0500 UTC, 2 Passenger Terminals, 10 Aircraft Stands.

Currency:  The peso (ISO 4217 code: CUP, sometimes called the “national peso” or in Spanish moneda nacional) is one of two official currencies in use in Cuba, the other being the convertible peso (ISO 4217 code: CUC, occasionally referred to as “dollar” in spoken language). It is subdivided into 100 centavos.

Cuban state workers receive a portion of their wages in convertible pesos, the rest in national pesos. Shops selling basics, like fruit and vegetables, generally accept only the normal peso, while “dollar shops” sell the rest. The word “pesos” may refer to both non-convertible and convertible money. Cuban convertible pesos are 25 times more valuable, but this does not completely eliminate the confusion for tourists: since goods bought in national pesos have controlled prices, tourists are sometimes confused by prices perceived as “too cheap.”

Climate:  The local climate is tropical, moderated by northeasterly trade winds that blow year-round. In general (with local variations), there is a drier season from November to April, and a rainier season from May to October. The average temperature is 21 °C (69.8 °F) in January and 27 °C (80.6 °F) in July. The warm temperatures of the Caribbean Sea and the fact that Cuba sits across the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico combine to make the country prone to frequent hurricanes. These are most common in September and October.

Water Temperature:  Sea temperatures vary from around 22°C (72°F) in December to 29°C (84°F) in July

 Language:  Spanish is the official language of Cuba, but English and French are spoken regularly.

Signature Dive Sites: 

Los Canarreos Archipelago: Has 56 designated dive sites at Puertosol Colony International Scuba Centre and Cayo Largo del Sur.

Guanahacabibes Peninsula: Access to more than 50 dive sites from María La Gorda International Scuba Centre.

Havana: Has 72 scuba sites available through four international diving centres. Immersion area is more than 100 kilometres long and three kilometres wide. Some 20 kilometres east of thecity lies a coastal belt of white coral sand.

Santa Lucía: An extensive coral reef just off this beach resort has 34 designated dive points and numerous shipwrecks.

Varadero: Has more than 25 diving sites. Especially popular is the Cayo Piedras del Norte underwater park, where old yachts, frigates and planes have been deliberately sunk for recreational exploration.

Playa Girón: The top attraction here is the sheer drop off the island’s underwater platform.  Northern coast of Holguín: More than 20 dive sites are located just off Esmeralda and Guardalavaca beaches.

Ancón Peninsula: This area’s two well defined dive sites are Ancón and Cayo Blanco de Casilda.

Santiago de Cuba: Scuba centres operate out of Baconao Park (Sigua and Bucanero) and Guamá municipality. Site of the Caribbean’s best preserved sunken ship, the Spanish warship Cristóbal Colón.
Cienfuegos: International jet-ski competitions are held here every year, as are occasional speedboat competitions.
Jardines del Rey: In Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, coral reefs offer attractive underwater landscapes.

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