Exumas Bahamas Hotels & Resorts


Hotel/Resort Phone Website Email Review Now
Augusta Bay 242-336-2251 http://www.augustabaybahamas.com/ info@augustabaybahamas.com Review Now
Club Peace & Plenty 242-336-2551 http://www.peaceandplenty.com/ info@peaceandplenty.com Review Now
Coconut Cove Hotel 242-336-2659 http://bahamascoconutcove.com/ info@bahamascoconutcove.com Review Now
February Point Resort Estates 242-336-2693 http://www.februarypoint.com/ info@februarypoint.com Review Now
Hotel Higgins Landing 242-357-0008 http://www.higginslanding.com/ stockisl@aol.com Review Now
Palm Bay Beach Club 242-336-2787 http://www.palmbaybeachclub.com info@hideawayspalmbay.com Review Now
Peace & Plenty Bonefish Lodge 242-345-5555 http://www.ppbonefishlodge.net info@peaceandplenty.com Review Now
Regatta Point 242-336-2206 http://www.regattapointbahamas.com/ mmnoll@earthlink.net Review Now
Sampson’s Cay Club 242-355-2034 http://www.sampsoncayclub.com/ MarinaReservations@sampsoncayclub.com Review Now
Staniel Cay Yacht Club 242-355-2024 http://www.stanielcay.com/ info@stanielcay.com Review Now
St Francis Resort 242-557-9629 http://www.stfrancisresort.com/ info@stfrancisresort.com Review Now
Grand Isle Resort & Spa 242-358-5000 http://www.grandisleresort.com/ reservations@grandisleresort.com Review Now
The Palms at Three Sisters Beach Resort 866-955-7256 http://www.palmsatthreesisters.com/ info@palmsatthreesisters.com Review Now
Musha Cay Resort 242-355-4040 http://www.mushacay.com cathy@mushacay.com Review Now

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