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The purpose of this site is to provide comprehensive listings and scuba reviews of dive locations/resorts/dive shops/charters/etc.  Subscribers can see what others have said about these businesses, and leave their experiences.  While writing your own scuba reviews, you can upload photos, and video links of your own trips to these places!  We will reward you for registering and submitting reviews by giving away a 7 night dive trip for two every six months!  Click Here for more details.

For my part….I will be travelling around and submitting my own videos, pictures, and scuba reviews for you to check out! 

The site has gone live with the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and South Florida.  The other popular dive destinations around the world will be added shortly. 

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What has Mike Been Up To?

Mike watches as Didier of Go Dive Florida in Pompano Beach, FL goes through some tec skills with his students. Tec diving can be intimidating since the stakes are much higher. Watch this video to see that the skills are pretty straightforward. There may be more to remember, but it can be done. Didier allows his students to go at their own pace and comfort level.

Go Dive Florida Tec Diving Skills


Mike dives the Boynton Beach ledge with Nikole Ordway from Force-E Dive Centers and Todd Brooks. Nikole spotted the Lionfish and Todd took them down! We were looking for a Lionfish SmackDown and got it! Diving was on the Starfish Enterprise out of Boynton Beach, FL. Watch the fun on the beautiful ledge!

Lionfish SmackDown


Mike takes an EFR (with First Aid & AED) refresher class as part of sneaking up on his Divemaster certification. Remember that this class needs to be taken every two years to maintain the Emergency First Responder certification. Force-E makes it quick, easy, fun, and inexpensive. Call them today or check out their website at

Force-E EFR Class


Watch as the “Pocahontas” is dropped as the new Danny McCauley Memorial Artificial Reef. This was my first wreck sinking. It was a blast to film it getting sunk, and then dive on it, same day! This wreck is in memorial of Danny McCauley, an avid freediver who loved to spearfish. Danny passed away in a car accident exactly one year before the wreck sinking. Danny’s family is largely to thank for the fundng of this wreck.

Danny McCauley Memorial Artificial Reef


Mike Begins the Florida Keys Wreck Trek with the USS Vandenberg in Key West!  This wreck is a huge 523 ft long!  You could dive this wreck hundreds of times and see new things.  Check out the video for an idea of how big the wreck really is in both length and height.  Although the sand is something like 150 ft, none of the video was shot below 98 ft.  The last 50 ft is more or less hull.  For best results, watch the video in 1080P by clicking on the settings icon in the lower right corner of the video viewer.


Mike’s Wreck Trek dive #2 is the Cayman Salvage Master in Key West. Diving is with Captain’s Corner Dive Center. Details are: Depth: 93 feet – Experience: Advanced – Coordinates: 24’27.668 N – 081’46.019 W. This dive site is a 187′ steel hulled buoy tender. Watch the video for a good idea of what to expect on this dive.

Cayman Salvage Master


Force-E Dive Centers and the Make A Wish foundation help Hunter Wade’s wish come true.  Hunter wanted to learn to dive.  Not only did he get Open Water and Advanced training, but a nice set of gear as well!

Hunter's Wish to Dive


Watch as nature bites back!  A diver is working to put a newly shot grouper on his stringer and an eel comes down from the reef to say that the grouper is below legal size…or bite him in the junk.  The eel swam right past the grouper and headed for the diver’s package.  A well timed turn kept the strike from hitting the mark.  OUCH!

Nature Bites Back


Watch as I say what I like about Force-E Dive Centers.  This is where I get my Nitrox fills.  They will fill to the mix I want, rather than just banking 32%, and always give me a full tank!  Skip and Cathy have worked very hard to create a family atmosphere in the stores.  They have great shopping policies!  See the NeptunesReviews pages for their dive centers in Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Ft Lauderdale, Florida for the latest happenings.

Why Force-E is a great place to do business


Check out my reviews of the Mares Instict 12S.  I compared the Instict to my Mares Abyss, a much more expensive regulator.  The Instinct did great!

Mares Instinct Regulator Review


While reviewing a SeaDoo scooter and new Mares regulator this weekend, I ran into my first Whale Shark!  How often does that happen when you actually have your video camera???  Make sure you click on the video player settings and select 1080P to view the video!

Whale Shark Sighting Off Palm Beach


Check out this video where we reviewed a Sea-Doo RS1 scooter. Watch Terry Schaefer from Divers Direct do a walkaround of the scooter, some underwater footage, and the verdict.

Sea-Doo RS1 Review

Check out the video of Goliath Grouper spawning season in Palm Beach!  I set out to see if I could capture Goliath Grouper spawning on video.  Did I get it?  You’ll have to watch and see…

Hanging With Mr Grouper


This is a review and outline of why I like Narcosis Dive Charters in Palm Beach Florida. The review outlines what is so good about the operation and the dive boat. Narcosis is my home dive boat. The toughest thing about riding on someone elses boat is that you ultimately don’t have te final say in where you dive. Narcosis lends as much flexibility as possible by allowing seperate drops. Beginners and tec divers can dive on the same boat and everyone is happy!

What I like about Narcosis Dive Charters